Each system has its own benefits.. 

A lay–in grid system offers:
  • Pre finished, saving decoration costs
  • Easy, quick, and less costly to install over other systems.
  • Easy access into the ceiling void - Services easily maintained
  • Easy maintenance in replacing tiles where damage has occurred
  • Minimal down time on refurbishment
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Flexible design options.
 Alternatively, a plasterboard ceiling may better suit your needs..
  • Creating a void for services while retaining a traditional plaster seamless finish.
  • Providing a sound proof barrier between floors in flats etc..
  • Allowing special lighting effects with open borders – dropped islands etc

 If you have limited head room but want to improve acoustics we can install a direct fix system such as Ecophon Focus F, which is designed to be fitted directly to an existing soffit.

Suspended Ceilings

C.B. Ceilings can offer an immense choice of finishes, colours, and styles. This gives the designers, architects, and dreamers the tools to conjure up a feel or finish for their project.  From lay-in grid systems through concealed systems to MF plasterboard systems.

We can break a large area up by using different coloured tiles effectively zoning the space. We can change the acoustics of a room by using one of the many products available from Saint Gobain Ecophon that offer good sound absorption. Again, add a colour and give that space another dimension.

Acoustics is an area we specialise in, often working closely with noise control companies such as Acousticabs Ltd. Between us we have provided solutions to many not so straightforward projects throughout the country.

For simple design to high performance C.B. Ceilings can offer a solution for your most challenging of projects.

See more photo's of our suspended ceiling installations on our Portfolio page