Does every room need four walls?

No, only one if it is circular, two if it is D shaped or building off two existing walls, 3 if it is triangular….we have built them all. We can offer modular systems, performance, half glazed, fully glazed, demountable, sliding, hygienic and acoustic. From recording studio’s, engine test rooms, high frequency helicopter blade test rooms to offices…. The list goes on.

Partitions offer a very quick and cost effective solution to creating office spaces, or in fact anywhere where you need to break a large area up. You may have a warehouse that you are not utilizing to its fullest…split it into two and rent half off. Maybe you have a call centre and want to create half height booths. Stud or glass partitioning offers versatility over a traditional block wall construction.  


Glazed and Demountable Systems

We can offer fully glazed systems such as SAS system 8000. This can achieve a fire rating whilst keeping an open feel.

Maybe you are thinking of a temporary system that you can take with you to new premises or adapt in the future.. A demountable system would be ideal.

Industrial noise control

C.B. Ceilings can offer internal as well as external solutions to controlling noise pollution. Printing presses, dust extractors, motors both electric and diesel. From a range of specifically designed panels we can build an enclosure to suit your needs. We can also supply the doors and windows. Send us your enquiry for a prompt service.


Storage Walls

C.B. Ceilings can provide SAS Storage Walls which offer a versatile storage system that can be used full height as a partitioning wall or half height as island units.

A range of finishes are available including natural veneers and laminates, in addition to solid doors storage walls can be finished with hinged glazed doors or sliding doors. They are available in standard widths of 500mm, 800m and 1000mm, they have a depth of 490mm.

Internally the storage walls can be fitted with a range of fittings including combination shelves, hanging rails, filling frames and pull-out drawers / shelves.